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 Wednesday, July 24, 2024
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Priority One Solutions' Flagship Product - Universal HMI / Prophecy

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Originally designed as a direct SIGMA replacement, Prophecy is now a fully functional HMI / diagnostic system designed around what is important – keeping the machine up and running!

Prophecy’s high speed real-time data engine allows for unparalleled capabilities within a host of monitoring and diagnostics tools, each designed in close collaboration with maintenance staff from facilities around the world.

The componentized architecture allows infinite flexibility without custom coding. Connect multiple machines using various control systems with one cohesive diagnostic tool.


Prophecy’s componentized architecture was designed to collect and aggregate data from multiple, dissimilar systems. Feedback from our industrial customers indicates that this is one of our most popular selling features. Prophecy allows you to manage your plant, not just an individual machine.

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Here is a list of currently available components:

Flexible Trending

Prophecy is equipped with one of the most powerful trending interfaces on the market. Backed by the high-speed data acquisition engine, the trend interface allows you to see what you need when you need it. With Prophecy’s data aggregation capabilities, you can view values from not only the machine you are at, but any other machine in the facility connected to the Prophecy system.

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  • Dockable, pinnable, minimizable windows allow you to configure the trend view to exactly what you need to look at
  • Display an unlimited number of consecutive “pens”
  • Create pens based on expressions
  • Start trending a new value immediately with Prophecy’s On-the-Fly trending!
  • Create exportable trend snapshots based on a time or conditional trigger
  • Configure different tags to be sampled at different rates – optimizing the system for what is most important
  • Store infinite amounts of trend data to an offline data server or data warehouse
  • Export data to popular file formats such as Access or Excel
  • Trend data is retained, even after a system restart
  • Data can be collected based on a configurable condition with Prophecy’s event driven data collection mechanism
  • Maximize disk utilization with built-in trend data compression


Prophecy takes faults and alarms to a new level. Events can be easily configured from any input available to the system.

Want to be paged when an alarm is triggered? How about an email? Or would you prefer a text message on your cellular phone? Prophecy can be configured and programmed to behave in whatever manner required to keep you informed of what is going on.

Prophecy also keeps track of event statistics. Ever wonder what the most problematic conditions are? See it now in living color with Prophecy!

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Drill-Down Relational Permissives

Identify un-met permissives quickly and easily with logical, drill-down style permissive lists or with the newer style tree view list, allowing you to see the parent-child relationships of any permissive group.

Also, view permissives that meet any user-definable criteria, regardless of how they are organized in the drill-down lists.

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Prophecy is Web Ready

From the plant floor to the VP’s office, Prophecy’s web components harness the agility of the modern web browser to distribute the power of this versatile tool throughout your intranet.

Common applications of Prophecy’s web components include:

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  • Prophecy data rendering – display any Prophecy data on the web
  • Prophecy Summary Dashboard
  • Powerful, dynamically linked report interface for product, shift, and uptime statistics


  • Rate dependent on control network interface (e.g. 10k tags @ 10ms for Logix ENBT)
  • Unlimited tag count - our largest database to date has 135k tags in it
  • Multiple trending rates are available (down to 1ms without special hardware, lower rates available)
  • Multiple reduction rates are available for reduced data
  • Historical data is retained after a server reboot. (However, data is not collected during a reboot.)
  • Prophecy’s On-the-Fly trending allows new tags and even expressions to be added dynamically and marked for immediate trending.
  • Prophecy uses compression algorithms to maximize disk utilization
  • Local storage is dictated solely by disk space
  • External storage is supplied on a custom basis and can store as much data as required, typically 2 to 3 years. This solution also includes the ability to store data to removable media.
  • Base Server/Client application runs on the Windows platform; recommended hardware is Intel i7 w/ 4 GB RAM
  • Run multiple instances of Prophecy on the same computer
  • Multiple monitor support is included

Multiple Communication Module Support

  • Prophecy's componentized architecture allows for new communications module support to be added quickly! If we don't already have a module that will work in your application, we can develop one for you.
  • Current communications modules include:
    • EthernetIP (ControlLogix, PLC5, etc.)
    • GE EGD (Ethernet Global Data) or UDP (RX7, etc.)
    • GE Reflective Memory
    • DCSNet (Automax)
    • ABB AC800 VIP or UDP
    • Siemens S7 UDP

Custom Controls & .Net Integration

Prophecy's custom controls allow you to add data onto your screens the way you want to see it. Here is a list of currently available custom controls that can be used:

  • Bar Graph Value Indicators
  • Dial Value Indicators
  • Numerical Feedback Indicators
  • Caption Feedback Indicators (e.g. "on" vs "off" depending on tag value)
  • Picture Feedback Indicators that can create tag driven animation (e.g. picture for mandrel expanded vs picture for mandrel collapsed depending on tag value)

Custom screen development needs to be quick and easy. There are two methods of screen creation within the Prophecy System.

  • If you need something relatively simple, with little or no logic behind the screen, you can use the Prophecy Configurator to:
    • Create new screens
    • Manage existing screens
    • Drag and drop data aware controls, labels, etc. onto your screens
    • Configure control position, formatting, and all other "standard" properties
    • Tie data aware controls to Prophecy data
  • If you need something with a little more flexibility, Prophecy has been designed to also be configurable and programmable within Microsoft's Visual Studio .Net.
    • Wizards allow for ease of inserting new screens - no need to know all the right properties to set on a form after you add it AND you get all the built in window management (docking, pinning, etc.) with little to no additional code.
    • Built in tag editor - no need for an external tag configuration tool
    • Infinite control of behind the screen logic using VB .Net
    • Infinite control of any screen controls, through the VB .Net Properties Window

Configurable Drive Overviews

Prophecy has built in Drive Diagnostics screens for most popular drives. Using the Prophecy Configurator, it's easy to tie controller tags to your drive screens.


Prophecy has the ability to save data into separate self contained data files based on events or external triggers. This data can then be viewed while not connected to the machine via the Snapshot Viewer Screen of the standard Client. This allows an operator to take a snapshot of current data when there's a problem and then send it to an engineer who can diagnose the problem without being at the physical machine. Triggers for snapshot generation can also be programmed so that they are created automatically, e.g. on a strip break.

Infinite "Offline" Data Storage

Have you ever wanted to go back and look at data that was collected 5 years ago? Prophecy is capable of storing large quantities of data "Offline", meaning in a data store that is not running the Prophecy Data Engine. This data is then available for:

  • Display on Prophecy clients
  • Display on Prophecy's web portal
  • Data analysis
  • Data monitoring
  • Export to either another format or to another data system
  • Backup to permanent storage

Data Export

Prophecy's componentized architecture really shines when it comes to exporting data. All the export functionality is built into our export component, which does everything up to the formatting of the output. An export formatter then takes the data and writes it out in whatever format is required. If we don't have a formatter for your requirement, it is very easy to add just a new formatter, without having to change anything else about the export engine. Currently planned formatters include:

  • Excel
  • Access
  • SQL Server

Another great feature about how formatters work is that the output doesn't have to be a file. For example, the formatter could write data out onto a serial port. Exports can be scheduled, so it's possible to use the Prophecy Export Engine to continuously write Prophecy data into another data system!

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