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 Saturday, April 20, 2024
 Industrial Automation 

Level 2 and Reporting Systems

Level 2 Systems offer plant-wide supervisory and order management functionality.

Typical modules that make up a Level 2 System include:

    Interface to a Level 3 Business System
    • Order Records reception from Level 3
    • Order Complete Records transmission to Level 3

    Order Scheduling
    • Order Routing / Assignment to a specific machine on the plant floor
    • Production Data In (PDI) Records generation for Level 1 Process

    Interface to a Level 1 Control System
    • Production Data In (PDI) Records transmission to Level 1 Control System
    • Production Data Out (PDO) Records reception from Level 1 Control System

    Order Statistic Reports
    • Production Run / Order report generation for customers

    Machine Statistics
    • Machine Statistic report generation detailing statistics such as machine efficiency and Up Time / Down Time

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