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 Saturday, April 20, 2024
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Approach to Custom Software

We are proud to offer you quality custom software systems developed on and for your systems. At Priority One Solutions, our knowledge and experience allow us to provide service:

  • beyond basic coding and programming to advanced programming techniques and data structures
  • beyond ordinary computer science knowledge to in-depth systems level understanding of modern computer system
  • beyond merely adequate software designs to innovative and reliable systems based on the most advanced concepts

Priority One Solutions' expertise makes our approach to software design more highly refined than that of most companies in the field. It’s an approach that gives you more of what you need from a software provider because it’s based on our commitment to give you:

  • more precise definition of the steps in software development
  • more thorough documentation throughout these steps
  • more flexibility in combining your in-house capabilities with our skills at any of the various steps in the development process

[databasedesign2.jpg]Priority One Solutions’ systematic, phased approach minimizes expenditure and risk at each step of development and increases your assurance of an end product tailored to do the job you need. While most software suppliers view development as a four to six step process, we pinpoint eight separate steps involved in the general stages of analysis, design, testing, and maintenance. Here’s an explanation of our unique approach:

  • We thoroughly and objectively analyze every aspect of your software needs. The careful attention we give your software requests goes beyond simply filling that request. In-depth consideration is given to such factors as your operating environment, available resources, and all direct or indirect influences. All factors having a bearing on your needs are assessed.
  • Your software requirements are formalized. The successful evolution of the system you need is vitally dependent upon an accurate definition of your requirements. Based on our careful Step 1 analysis, Priority One Solutions provides for your review a detailed requirements document, which addresses both primary and secondary concerns. The language of this requirements document is appropriate to your users’ level of expertise.
  • Your software design is developed from the requirements document. We work closely with you in this step making certain that all requirements, from first to last priority, are met.
  • The specific tasks needed to implement your design are identified. In this step your design is further refined. Our attention to detail in the preceding steps allows us to present you with precise specifications and an accurate assessment of the dollar value for each capability.
  • The code is developed from the specifications. Our expertise allows us to code at whatever level required to insure both design compliance and maintainability. System, subsystem, and module integration are documented in detail in an internals manual.
  • The system receives extensive testing and debugging. Although your software receives testing during its development, its performance in your particular environment is the ultimate test.
  • Comprehensive documentation is provided. In addition to providing the requirements and design documents, the internals manual and source code listings, Priority One Solutions can furnish you with a users’ guide that is prepared, as is all our documentation, with you users’ level of skill in mind.
  • Your system is provided continued support. Maintenance of your software system is available from us, a service of special importance for complex designs.

Throughout the entire development process, we can work with or for you to maximize the efficiency of your equipment and people. At each step of development, Priority One Solutions can provide the complete and detailed documentation you need.


You may need custom software for various reasons. You might not have the expertise necessary to get the job done quickly and economically. You may have the expertise, but not the time. You may have a problem that demands specialized attention that is not available in-house. Whatever the basis of your need, regardless of whether it requires the entire spectrum of software development or only a few stages, Priority One Solutions is ready and willing to serve you.

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