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 Tuesday, July 16, 2019
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Reliance Electric Drives Support

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Field Retuning and Motor Replacement Support

    Priority One Solutions service staff has a firm background in both the Reliance Electric AC and DC product line.

    Our engineers can tune an unstable drive or re-tune a section to work with a replacement motor. Contact Priority One Solutions to discuss your drive system issues.

DPS/UDC/PMI Modifications

    Many Reliance Electric Drive Systems utilized the Distributed Power System (DPS) architecture, which was made up of a Universal Drive Controller (UDC) card in the AutoMax and a Power Module Interface (PMI) rack at the drive.

    Our engineers have extensive resources at our disposal for the Reliance Electric DPS System and can help with any problems or modifications you may need.

Read more about our Reliance Electric Drives replacement solutions.

Other Reliance Electric Support Areas

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