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 Wednesday, December 01, 2021
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Approach to Control Engineering



Hardware engineering is approached in phases ranging from a high-level flow diagram to detailed wiring schematics. All hardware designs are engineered to comply with NFPA 79 and any other customer driven standards. Actual designs are created using electrical engineering design software. This software enforces drawing standards, part list accuracy, physical dimension accuracy and electrical design integrity. All hardware designs are subject to a design review with a team of engineers prior to manufacturing.


Software design begins with an analysis of the description of operation. The description of operation is interpreted into software tasks and state diagrams. Regulation algorithms are implemented using our library of field-proven algorithms. PLC I/O mapping accuracy is enforced by exporting I/O lists from the PLC design software and importing the same list into our electrical engineering design software. This eliminates mis-mapped I/O points between the hardware design and the software configuration. All software and control approaches are reviewed in a design review with a team of engineers prior to bench testing and shipment. Software is bench tested at our offices prior to downloading into actual equipment during our pre-shipment hardware testing.

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